Workshop: Learn Django – The First Steps

In this workshop, you will understand and learn how to start to develop powerful web applications with Django framework.

The workshop is Free on 3 Days.

Workshop schedule:
– Day 1: Django Basics
– Day 2: Django Restful API
– Day 3: Production & What’s Next
Sessions in details :

Django Basics :
– How Django works
– Django installation
– Django models
– Django views (Function based views, class-based views)
– Django forms
– Django urls
– Django templates, template filters

Django Rest API :
– Intro To Rest
– How To Serialize your Models
– Handling every thing with Rest
– Using Angular Js with Rest

Production :
– How to deploy your project.
– Database types & setup.
– Django Third part packages
….What’s Next

More details will be announced.. stay with us.

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